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Cancer and Vitamin C

Cancer and Vitamin C
The focus of this article is on vitamin C for the treatment of Cancer. For many years it was thought that a person only required 20mg of vitamin C each day in order to prevent scurvy. Government agencies still suggest that 60mg of vitamin C per day is enough for adults. The fact is that most of us do not get enough vitamin C in our daily diet. Where does vitamin C come from primarily?

It comes in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables in their raw, fresh and unprocessed state. The emphasis today is on convenience, processed foods and the reality for many is that they consume a nutrient-deficient diet – this is why we have to little vitamin C left in our diet.

Research shows that the white blood cells (WBCs), taken from cancer patients have much less vitamin C than do healthy people. White blood cells, the immune system’s primary fighting force, contain high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C favourably affects the immune system, which must be functioning well to combat cancer.

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