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The Natural Baby Shopping List

By Ellen van Dijken

The Natural Baby Shopping List
If you are pregnant or have recently brought a bouncing baby into the world, congratulations. In either situation you probably will find yourself in baby shops and the baby aisle at the supermarket, trying to be sensible.

Reading labels of these products is also daunting. The amount of choice in baby care products that are available is enormous, which is great but you can also be daunting. Brand A or brand B, teat 1 or 2, disposable or cotton? The choice is there and the list goes on.
For health conscious parents, another dimension of healthy products gets added to the mix. So which sustainable product is safe to use on my baby? Not everyone is happy to put alcohol on an umbilical cord site, or use a commercial baby balm that contains petroleum derivatives. However, it can be difficult to source products that are affordable and free of toxic substances. Fortunately, it is possible to look after your wee tot with some basic staples for the baby pantry. These healthy, chemical free products are excellent for baby and can come in handy for older kids and adults too.

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