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Losing Your Hair? - then consider holistic help principles

Losing Your Hair? - then consider holistic help principles
There are so many choices available for beauty treatments, there’s botox, skin treatments, mini facelifts and diet after diet to keep today’s society beautiful and youthful.

There’s no denying a head full of beautifully healthy hair is one of the attributes to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, so it is no wonder women go into a panic at the sight of losing a few strand of hair down the drain every time they have a shower. But there can be a more serious reason for the panic as each year more and more cases of women are found who are suffering from serious hair loss conditions.

We all know how common it is for men to suffer baldness with age, usually this is genetic, but none-the less unpleasant, but the issue of hair loss in women isn’t commonly talked about and for the reasons for that may be quite different from the common baldness in men. We lose around 50 - 150 hairs each day as new hair replaces that hair lost through regrowth. As your hair grows it becomes more noticeable. This is completely natural, but each year and estimate of between 20 –to 50 per cent of women will experience some hair loss. What to do? Further information in the main article.

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