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High Blood Pressure - Part 2

High Blood Pressure - Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of this series on high blood pressure. In this article we will be looking at some of the best natural medicines to treating BP issues. At first we looked a little more closely at the emotional connection with BP.

In Part 1, the most common type of BP is called ‘essential hypertension’ which basically the cause is unknown. Although the name given to the complaint makes it sound as though it is somehow ‘essential’ to the person and possibly incurable, I do not feel that this is necessarily so in many cases. One always has to establish the cause. Many cases of essential hypertension have responded extremely well to natural medicines. This is one area where a professional natural health practitioner really comes into their own by ameliorating the so called’ disease of modern civilisation such as BP, diabetes and cancer issues.

The article looks at present drugs, dietary guidance, herbs and supplements to help reduce high blood pressure.

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