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Early Menopause

Wendy Hamilton

Early Menopause
Menopause is a natural event in a women’s life, occurring usually around the age of 50 years old. It occurs when a woman comes to the end of her egg supply and her monthly periods have stopped.

Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries and from the moment they are mensturate they are used up and die off. Eventually the supply is exhausted and their hormone levels start to change. Oestrogen production in the ovaries declines which can be compensated for by the adrenal glands - if they are not too exhausted from chronic stress. Oestrogen can also be produced in the fat cells, so women who are slightly overweight may be better off at this time.

This article is about symptoms, causes, nutritional help and dietary recommendations if you are suffering from early or early onset menopause.

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