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A Dying Breed - On Infertility

A Dying Breed - On Infertility
Talking to my mother, who is well into her 90’s, I was surprised to learn that none of her sisters, none of her brothers wives, none of her large extended family and none of her friends or any body she knew in her church ever had trouble getting pregnant.

In fact, as my mother used to say “your dad only had to look at me and I almost conceived!” It was back in the days when big families were the norm. My mother had seven children, her sister had twelve, another sister had eight children, fit healthy farm girls, all of them. And if you ask any of your grandmothers you will probably hear similar stories. Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years ago infertility and the struggle to get pregnant was extraordinarily rare. Moving forward to today, infertility is one of the biggest medical problems facing young women.  The figure is estimated to be around 25 per cent of women having difficulty to conceive. So what can we do? More in the main article.

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