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Viral Infections and Homeopathic Treatment

Pg 86-89 Healthnews: Winter Blues magazine issue.

Viral Infections and Homeopathic Treatment
There are many pharmaceutical and natural treatments for winter infections available these days. It can become difficult to decide what will be the best in any particular situation, so let us discuss the most common winter infections in order to understand their nature and approach each one accordingly.

Every winter we brace ourselves against the possibility of contracting common viral infections, and despite taking standard preventatives, the flu still develops. When our immunity levels are low, these viruses can take control of the body which lowers our immunity levels even further. Sometimes viral infections may be complicated by bacterial infections, mental depression or other health complications. In such cases the suffering is worse and the recovery time longer. The huge expenditure on drugs, pain killers and vitamins is visual evidence in our fight against such viral infections and add the expense of unproductive working hours to this as well.

In the main article common ailments are discussed with a list of homeopathic remedies to match to help lessen developing cold or flu symptoms.                                                                                                                                                                          

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