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Fluoride and an Alternative - Part 1

David Higgens, Fluoride Action Group.,nz or website Pgs 30-31 Healthy Options magazine May 07.

Fluoride and an Alternative - Part 1
Fluoride causes mottled teeth-called dental fluorosis, the white, yellow, orange or brown patches or streaks on the tooth, in increasing order of severity. Pro-fluoridationist’s call this a ‘cosmetic effect’, but it is actually a sign of systemic poisoning of fluoride. In the US and Canada, dental fluorosis costs more to treat than tooth decay.

Who can name the world’s number one pollutant? 

A pollutant causing more damage than all other water pollutants combined.

What is the chemical that is added to tap water, on the basis that the Ministry of Health claim it is good for teeth?

The same chemical- Fluoride.


Fluorides use consequence.

Fluoride is the most electronegative element, which bonds strongly than any other element, disrupting the hydrogen bond that gives proteins their shape, enzymes, the basis of life catalyses all chemical reactions that make life possible, that depend upon shape to function. Fluoride disrupts these essential enzymes and is therefor toxic to all living things. More information and an alternative is in the main article.


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